ICETAT2018 Submission Notification

張貼者:2018年11月20日 下午5:11Abby TSTT
Dear all participants,

We already backup and delete the abstract on Easychair to avoid the Self-Plagiarism situations. You still can submit your manuscript to the following Journals directly to the Journal's website:
1.Key Engineering Materials: Deadline: 2019.01.30
2.Advances in Mechanical Engineering (IF=0.8)(SCI)   Deadline: 2019.06.30
3.Industrial Lubrication and Tribology (IF=0.763)(SCI)  Deadline: 2019.12.31
4.Micromachines (IF=2.222)(SCI)  Deadline: 2019.02.28
5.Materials (IF=2.654)(SCI)  Deadline: 2019.02.28
6.Journal of the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineers (IF=0.112)(SCI-E)  Deadline: 2019.12.31

Sorry for the obsession.
ICETAT2018 Committee