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敬邀投稿「7th World Tribology Congress / WTC 2021 - 1st Announcement」

張貼者:2019年12月11日 下午6:36臺灣磨潤科技學會秘書   [ 已更新 2019年12月11日 下午6:37 ]

SEPTEMBER 5-10, 2021
Tribology has a major role to play in the important issues of the day, in terms of energy, sustainability, health, and environmental concerns.
7th World Tribology Congress in 2021 will be an opportunity to bring together a large scientific community to promote international exchange and collaboration. This international event will
i) highlight recent important progress in many fields of Tribology, which are very complex due to their multidisciplinary and multiscale features; ii) challenge our limits concerning the control and tuning of tribological systems; iii) ensure the effective transfer of these skills to specific applications, including biomedical, transport, and manufacturing processes; and iv) integrate environmental issues into the societal challenges that tribology research faces.
These challenges will be tackled through the following ten scientific themes:
  1. Interfacial flow and thin film lubrication
  2. Wear of materials
  3. Fundamentals of friction
  4. Contact mechanics
  5. Tribo-induced surface chemical and mechanical transformations
  6. Multiscale approaches for multiphysics modelling and in situ experiments in tribology
  7. Surface engineering in tribology
  8. Biotribology, biomimetics
  9. Tribology in manufacturing processes and industrial systems
  10. Tribology to face the education and societal challenges

The 48th Leeds Lyon Symposium on Tribology will be held in conjunction with WTC 2021.
Any contribution is welcome from March 2020 through the WTC 2021 website. Selected papers will have the opportunity to be published in peer-review journals of Tribology.
At last, this conference will be a great chance to discover the city of Lyon!
We look forward to welcoming you at WTC 2021!

With Best Regards,
Philippe VERGNE & Philippe KAPSA
General Chairs

Abstract Submission:
Opening: March 2020

Early-Bird Registration: 
Opening: September 2020

For any other information, feel free to contact us:
> General information: contact@wtc2021.org
> Sponsorship & Exhibition: sponsor@wtc2021.org

To unsuscribe from the mailing list please send "Unsuscribe" to contact@wtc2021.org

敬邀投稿「The 3rd Malaysian International Tribology Conference(MITC2020)」Call for Abstract (Due 31 Jan 2020)

張貼者:2019年11月19日 下午6:52臺灣磨潤科技學會秘書

Call for Abstract (Due 31 Jan 2020)

In conjunction with The 3rd Malaysian International Tribology Conference (MITC2020),
we are also holding The 6th Malaysia-Japan Tribology Symposium (MJTS2020)
28-30 Sept 2020
Holiday Villa Beach Resort & Spa - Langkawi
Optional full paper will be published in the MITC2020 special issue of one of the International indexed journals:
- Tribology International
- Industrial Lubrication & Tribology
- Jurnal Tribologi

Starting off as the National Tribology Conference in 2009 (NTC2009) and the Regional Tribology Conference in 2011 (RTC2011), the conference was renamed as the Malaysian International Tribology Conference in 2013 (MITC 2013) and MITC 2015 to give a more global image. Malaysian Tribology Society (MYTRIBOS) is ever committed  to continuously organize an international conference in the effort to advance tribology for a more sustainable world. In 2018, Mytribos was organized ASIATRIB 2018 in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.
In this coming 2020, once again, MYTRIBOS is geared to organize The 3rd Malaysian International Tribology Conference 2020 (MITC 2020). The MITC 2020 is also supported by the International Tribology Council (ITC). The conference will take place in Holiday Villa Beach Resort & Spa, Langkawi Island during 28 ~ 30 September 2020.
The objective of MITC 2020 is for the scientists, scholars, engineers and students from universities, research institutions and industries all around the world to present findings of ongoing research activities, and hence foster research collaborations between the universities and the industries. The other objective is to introduce young tribologists in the scientific field of tribology through keynote lectures and presentations, to offer mentoring through senior scientists, and to foster the building of networks through the informal style of the event.
All accepted one-page extended abstracts will be published in the conference proceedings with a unique eISBN, subject to author registration and payment. Authors are required to present their research findings at MITC 2020.
Authors with accepted extended abstracts are encouraged to submit high quality manuscripts in JURNAL TRIBOLOGI, an official journal published by Mytribos or any of our supporting journals (ISI/SCOPUS/Google Scholar indexed). The possibility of inclusion is very high.

Mytribos really hopes that all engineers, scientist and tribologists around the world to join MITC 2020.

See you in Langkawi Island !!

歡迎免費參加磨潤科技應用產學聯盟於11月17日在台北福華文教會館舉辦之磨潤科技產學論壇 Welcome to attend "Academic-Industry Forum for Tribology"

張貼者:2018年11月13日 下午9:36臺灣磨潤科技學會秘書   [ 已更新 2018年11月13日 下午9:43 ]

歡迎免費參加磨潤科技應用產學聯盟於11月17日在台北福華文教會館舉辦之磨潤科技產學論壇 Welcome to attend "Academic-Industry Forum for Tribology"。
主持人:財團法人精密機械研究發展中心 賴永祥總經理
講者:漢翔航空工業公司 吳天勝研發長;演講題目:智慧製造與工業AI在漢翔的應用
            布魯克公司 魏伯任博士;演講題目:Index of Fracture Toughness for Delamination
                                                                             Judgment during Scratch Tests
            磨潤科技應用產學聯盟 洪政豪總召集人;演講題目:磨潤聯盟之產學合作

敬邀投稿 "2018全國磨潤科技實務技術競賽" Welcome to submit 2018 Tribology Practice Technology Contest

張貼者:2018年7月19日 下午11:55臺灣磨潤科技學會秘書

敬邀投稿 "2018全國磨潤科技實務技術競賽" 。



張貼者:2017年10月22日 下午11:22臺灣磨潤科技學會秘書   [ 已更新 2017年10月23日 上午2:13 ]












Ø線上報名網址 :https://goo.gl/forms/LtlewI5f3q1eO0Vi1

Ø報名確認電話 :06-2220066#10~21、31、37

Ø報名截止日期 :106年10月20日(五)中午12點前截止



張貼者:2017年10月22日 下午6:34臺灣磨潤科技學會秘書   [ 已更新 2017年12月21日 上午12:20 ]

「磨潤科技產學聯盟」於10 月7 日13:30-16:00假台南崑山科技大學國際會議廳舉辦”磨潤科技產學論壇”。
本次邀請瀛春實業有限公司 王建智總經理、銓寶工業股份有限公司 謝樹林總經理與台南市運動場所服務職業工會 謝惠娟理事長,分別針對不同主題1. 磨潤在沖壓引伸與鍛造技術的應用、2. 飲料包裝機械的整合發展(含磨潤應用)、3. 物聯網於運動健康之應用三主題進行研討。
Academia-Industry Forum for Tribology was held at the International Conference Hall of Kunshan University in Tainan on October 7, 2017. We have the honor to invite Yng Tran Enterprise Co.,Ltd, General Manager Wang, ChumPower Machinery Corp. General Manager Hsieh and Tainan Sports Venues Employees's Labor Union, President Hsieh respectively for different themes 1.Tribology in the stamping extension and forging technology applications. 2.The integration of beverage packaging machinery development (including wear applications) 3.Internet in the exercise of health three topics for discussion. 


張貼者:2017年10月22日 下午6:29臺灣磨潤科技學會秘書   [ 已更新 2017年12月21日 上午12:14 ]

Tribology Practice Technology Contest for Students was held at the International Conference Hall of Kunshan University in Tainan on October 7, 2017. There were 21 teams in total and 16 schools entered the finals. Three Evaluation in the academy and industry joint the selection, and thank ATAT members: Mobil Taiwan donated NT 100,000 as a competition prize. The winners are as follows:
Gold medal: National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Prize: NT20,000)
Silver medal: Kun Shan University (Prize: NT15,000)
Bronze medal: National Formosa University (Prize: NT10,000)

Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robot Show on Sep 6th~Sep 9rd

張貼者:2017年6月15日 下午11:10臺灣磨潤科技學會秘書

敬邀參加 2017台灣機器人與智慧自動化展

展出時間:2017年9月6日(三) ~ 9月8日(五) 9:00-17:00 
                    2017年9月9日(六) 9:00-16:00

Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robot Show on Aug 31th~Sep 3rd

張貼者:2016年8月5日 上午12:09臺灣磨潤科技學會秘書   [ 已更新 2016年8月5日 上午1:00 ]

敬邀參加 2016台灣機器人與智慧自動化展

展出時間:2016年8月31日(三) ~ 9月2日(五) 9:00-17:00 
                    2016年9月3日(六) 9:00-16:00

2016 14th "Automation Engineers' license exam 2016

張貼者:2016年2月4日 下午10:30臺灣磨潤科技學會秘書   [ 已更新 2016年2月4日 下午11:07 ]

報名日期:自 105 年 03 月 01 日起至 104 年 4 月 30 日止。
學科考試: 2016 年 5 月 28 日(星期六) 
術科考試:2016 年 6 月 04 日(星期六)
詳細內容請詳閱 台灣智慧自動化與機器人協會 網站

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